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142/2012 Termination of share buy back program - Orange Polska

Pursuant to article 56(1.1) of the Law of 29 July 2005 on public offering and the conditions for introducing financial instruments to the organised trading system and on public companies (Journal of Laws of 2005, No. 184, item 1539, as amended), the Management Board of Telekomunikacja Polska S.A. (“TP S.A.” or “the Company”) hereby informs about a decision to terminate a program of buy-back of the Company’s own shares (“the Program”).  

TP S.A. cancels its share buy-back Program.  

On 27 November 2012, in line with the authorisation granted in clause 1.7.a of the Resolution no. 3 of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Telekomunikacja Polska S.A. dated 13 October 2011 on authorisation for the Management Board to buy back the Company’s own shares for the purpose of their redemption, the Management Board of TP S.A. passed a resolution, after receiving a positive opinion of the Supervisory Board, concerning the Program termination.  

The Company has purchased a total of 23,291,542 own shares for the amount of PLN 399,999,989.65 in the Program. The own shares purchased by the Company in the Program account for 1.74% of the Company’s share capital and correspond to 1.74% of the total voting power at the General Meeting of Shareholders. The shares purchased in the Program will be redeemed at the nearest General Meeting of Shareholders.

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