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Summary of the Public Consultation on the Equivalence of Access Charter - Orange Polska

Work on the Equivalence of Access Charter will continue under the patronage of the Office of Electronic Communications (UKE). On 15 June 2009, at a meeting which summarised the public consultation on the draft Charter, operators and the regulator formulated comments, which will be taken into account during further work on the document. TP proposed to establish joint task forces to refine the Charter solutions till August 10. A revised version of the document is to be submitted by TP on September 1.

Maciej Rogalski, TP Group Regulatory Relations Director said, “We will make our best efforts so that the Charter solutions do not raise any doubts of the regulator or our market partners and the document may become a solid and acceptable basis for inter-operator co-operation. We do not ignore critical comments, provided they concern the merits.”

The Charter introduces new solutions aimed at increasing the transparency of TP’s relations with alternative operators and eliminating any potential grounds for non-price discrimination. In particular, the Charter provides for procedures, available to the market, for verification of the quality of TP’s wholesale and retail services; impenetrable barriers (Chinese walls) in the information flow between TP’s wholesale and retail arms; a monitoring and supervision system (KPIs) to assure equal handling of other operators’ customers; employee training and incentive systems preventing any discrimination actions; and changes in customer service procedures. The Charter will constitute a basis for further work of joint task forces of TP and alternative operators. The detailed issues to be reviewed by the task forces are to be defined. UKE will participate in the proceedings.

Spending huge amounts on TP’s functional separation does not seem the right tool to stimulate the market, as the effects of regulatory decisions and the economic crisis force telecom operators to cut costs and investments. The Charter will solve the problems identified by the regulator in a much quicker and less expensive way.

“We can guarantee that TP will be a consistent and reliable partner for the regulator and alternative operators in the talks on the final version of the Equivalence of Access Charter and its implementation,” added Maciej Rogalski.

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