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TP and UKE Signed a Memorandum of Understanding - Orange Polska

On 22 October 2009, TP and the Office of Electronic Communications (“UKE”) signed a memorandum of understanding (“MoU”) for the implementation of transparency and non-discrimination procedures in inter-operator relations. According to MoU, UKE will freeze wholesale rates till 2012, while TP is to invest in 1.2 million broadband access lines within that period.
Maciej Witucki, TP President and Chief Executive Officer said, “We are very pleased that after weeks of joint efforts we have reached an agreement that opens a new era for Poland’s telecommunications market. We have defined the basis for normalisation and stabilisation of the regulatory environment, which is a precondition for further rational development of this market and, consequently, supporting information society in Poland. On numerous occasions I have declared our willingness to invest in Poland’s development and now, owing to the compromise with UKE, I can state that our company is in a position to fulfil this promise.”
According to MoU, TP is to implement special technical and organisational solutions. Instead of physical separation of its IT systems, TP will introduce additional procedures to secure non-discriminatory access to information by alternative operators.
The President of UKE is expected to abandon her plans of functional separation of TP, provided that the latter implements the agreed solutions.
Stabilisation of conditions for business operations and investments in the telecommunications market is another major element of MoU. The President of UKE declared freezing wholesale rates till the end of 2012 at the level defined in the current reference offers.
The “retail minus” methodology for defining wholesale rates will be replaced with the “cost plus” model. As a result, over the next three years TP will be in a position to invest in 1.2 million broadband accesses, including 0.5 million new lines and 0.7 million to be upgraded. It is expected that approximately 1 million lines will have bandwidths of 6 Mbps or more. This infrastructure will be deployed not only in conurbations, but also in small towns and across rural areas.
MoU provides for gradual withdrawal of legal cases and claims between TP, UKE and alternative operators, which is to be aligned with the implementation of the agreement.

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