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TP Accounting Operations Centre Recognised as the Best in Europe - Orange Polska

TP Accounting Operations Centre (COK) in Lublin was awarded the Best New Captive Shared Services Organization – Winner 2009. COK won in the category of centres operating for up to three years, defeating powerful competitors from Germany, Hungary and the United Kingdom at the final stage.

The award was granted by the Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON), the world’s biggest organisation for the development of service centres and outsourcing. Irmina Buballo-Wojciechowska, head of COK division, who collected the prize during the SSON EMEA annual conference, said: “We are pride of the award, which crowns the efforts of all the people committed to creating and running the Accounting Operations Centre in Lublin, but we are also aware of the responsibility which stems from being at the top.”
Xavier Letzelter, Executive Director in charge of TP Group Shared Services, said: “I am glad that COK was so well assessed by the world’s leading experts. To operate at the market best level is a motto for each of TP Group Shared Services divisions: Accounting Operations Centre, Payroll Administration, Supply Chain and Purchase Centre.”

TP established a shared services centre to introduce integrated and standardised processes in the company’s core business support functions. The underlying idea was to provide top quality services in the most effective manner through operating on commercial terms; hence it was much more than just consolidating or centralising functions within the company. Concentration of services in a single centre significantly enhanced the management of such a large and complex organisation. The development of COK was also a major element of the New Convergence Project aimed at implementing an ERP system at TP, while assuring the compliance with the International Accounting Standards and SOX requirements within one financial year.

At the production stage, COK’s mission is to render high quality services to its customers in a timely and reliable manner, while constantly improving the effectiveness through process standardisation and enhancement as well as the employees’ competence development. The SSON’s jury, which assessed the achievements of the shared services centres competing for the annual award, particularly praised TP Accounting Operations Centre for the project management, standardisation and automation of business processes as well as resource management.

The Accounting Operations Centre launched the full range of services in October 2006 in Lublin. The city was chosen from among eight locations all over Poland. The choice was based on the detailed analysis of the main criteria, which included the availability of TP’s real estate and staff, maintenance costs, proper infrastructure and good cooperation with local authorities. Another significant factor was good communications with Warsaw. Moreover, Lublin is a major university centre, which makes it easier to attract qualified staff.

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