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Telekomunikacja Polska Sells TP Med - Orange Polska

Telekomunikacja Polska has reached an agreement with LUX MED Sp. z o.o. regarding the sale of its shares in TP Med Sp. z o.o. The purchaser, the leader in the market for private health services, will acquire TP Med for PLN 18.7 million, while guaranteeing stable development of the clinic within its chain of health centres.
Telekomunikacja Polska has decided to sell its medical subsidiary as part of its strategy that provides for the development of the integrated multimedia service portfolio and the introduction of innovative convergent services, while leaving its non-core business areas to companies for which these are the key profile of activities. The agreement provides for full medical services to all employees of Telekomunikacja Polska within the LUX MED Group’s chain, to which TP Med’s clinic is to be incorporated. So far, such healthcare has covered only part of TP’s employees in Warsaw and Katowice. The new solution will assure healthcare at similar level and enable access to quality medical services in all LUX MED Group’s clinics in Poland.
PTK Centertel and Emitel have signed similar agreements with the LUX MED Group to provide health services to their employees.
TP Med has been active for some forty years, initially as a health centre for employees of Poland’s communications sector. It operates an outpatient clinic in the centre of Warsaw. Over space of 1,800 m2, the clinic offers comprehensive healthcare, from broadly understood prevention and complete diagnostics to minor surgeries, rehabilitation and dental care. It employs doctors representing over twenty branches of medicine. The company provides services to over 20,000 patients.
The agreement with LUX MED Sp. z o.o. includes also employment guarantees to TP Med’s personnel.

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