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TP Group plans changes in its customer service, while the Management Board holds talks with trade unions - Orange Polska

TP Group intends to establish a specialised subsidiary to take over comprehensive customer service for TP and Orange. Some 5,000 employees from both companies will be transferred to the new company. The Group’s management is aware that changes always raise concern among employees, so every effort is made to carry them out in the atmosphere of peace and dialogue with trade unions.

The establishment of the company is a natural attempt to create a competitive edge. Integration of TP and PTK Centertel’s customer service organisations poses a market-unique opportunity to provide customers with the best solutions. It will bring substantial economic benefits (approx. PLN 150 million in five years) for  TP Group, while its employees will gain employment stabilisation and new development opportunities. All employees transferred to the new employer will keep their jobs and current wages. In addition, for eighteen months after the transfer they will enjoy guarantee of employment and basic salary. Even after the end of that period, the TP Group does not assume group layoffs by the new company.

Jacek Kowalski, TP Group Executive Officer for Human Resources, said: “TP Group’s management has been carrying out open communication about the project. We have been meeting with the Employee Council and trade unions. In addition, 120 meetings with employees have been held, as we want not only provide them with detailed information about the nature of the project but, above all, dispel any concern regarding their future.”

The project of customer service separation has been released for consultation with the Employee Council. In addition, a meeting has been held with representatives of all trade union organisations to present the project details to them.

TP Group is working on amendments to its Intragroup Collective Labour Agreement (ICLA), so that it will cover also employees of the new company to be established. For the next twelve months, any employees leaving TP for the new company will be covered by TP’s ICLA. Moreover, the Group is considering extending TP’s Employee Retirement Plan to include also the employees of the new company.

Contact Person: Wojciech Jabczyński, TP Group Spokesperson
Tel.: 22 527 19 39
E-mail: biuro.prasowe@telekomunikacja.pl

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