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Award for TP Group CSR Report - Orange Polska

The TP Group Corporate Social Responsibility Report has been awarded with distinction in the ‘2011 Social Reports’ competition organised by CSR Consulting, Responsible Business Forum and PricewaterhouseCoopers. The report has been recognised mainly for its comprehensive approach to dialogue with stakeholders.

“The CSR Report has been prepared upon broad social consultation and responds to some specific challenges which have been communicated to us by our stakeholders. We have made an effort to account for opinions of our social partners and employees in the report. We are glad that such an approach to socially responsible business has been recognised,” said Tomasz Nowakowski, TP Group Executive Officer in charge of Corporate Affairs.

The latest TP Group CSR Report covers the company’s activities over last four years. It has focused on social challenges faced by the telecom operator. These include mainly preventing digital exclusion, assuring safety of use of new technologies and minimising the environmental impact of the company’s operations. The report has been developed in line with the international GRI guidelines and has been verified by an independent auditor.

TP Group is among a dozen or so companies in Poland which report their CSR activities. In 2006, it became the first company in Poland to publish a CSR report consistent with the international GRI standards. In addition, the company has been listed in the Warsaw Stock Exchange RESPECT Index of socially responsible companies.

The ‘Social Reports’ competition aims at awarding companies which not only account for social and environmental interests in their operations but also present their achievements in this area in a clear, transparent and reliable manner. The competition was held for the fifth time this year.

For the TP Group CSR Report for 2007-2010 please visit the company’s website at www.tp.pl

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