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TP ceases to provide the universal service - Orange Polska

Due to the fact that the decision of the President of UKE identifying Telekomunikacja Polska as the operator obligated to provide the universal service until May 9, 2011 is no longer in effect, TP is not obligated to continue to provide the universal service.

At the same time we wish to emphasize that the company is still obligated to continue to provide fixed telephone services on the terms and conditions described in service provision regulations, and pursuant to legal regulations and regulatory decisions on such services (including decisions related to relevant markets).

Also, the decision of the President of UKE on the obligation to maintain a minimum number of payphones on the territory of Poland is no longer in effect. TP will consult the Regulator with regard to determining the target number of public payphones. In cooperation with UKE, the company wishes to develop solutions that will be both economically practicable and socially responsible.

TP will also complete the full edition of the Countrywide Subscriber List for the years 2010/2011. There are still 22 numbering zones left to be included in the list. Thereafter, TP will, as all operators, be obligated to provide a list of its own customers (as per Article 66 of the Telecommunications Law). This obligation shall be fulfilled by publishing a CD and providing access to an online service on TP's website.

The Countrywide Directory Service will be continued to be provided under separate decisions of the President of UKE, and agreements between TP and alternative operators. TP does not exclude commercial provision of the directory service. To this extent, it will negotiate with both UKE and all interested operators.


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