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UOKiK’s consent for cooperation between PTC and PTK Centertel - Orange Polska

Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa, the operator oft he Era and Heyah networks together with  PTK Centertel, the operator of the Orange network, gained permission of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection to establish a joint-venture company that would be responsible for management of both operators’ radio access networks.

In the second half of December 2010, the companies signed a letter of intent concerning cooperation in the field of sharing network infrastructure and frequency bands. Moreover, the companies filed a motion to the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection to obtain a permission to establish a joint-venture company responsible for building, management and maintenance of the shared networks.

Today’s positive decision of  UOKiK means that PTC and PTK Centertel may start binding negotiations in order to define detailed conditions of their cooperation and foundation of the company, as well as principles of its functioning. The scope of cooperation of PTC and PTK Centertel is limited to selected technical issues and does not extend to other areas of their activity in the telecommunications market.

We are satisfied with today’s decision of the Office. It is very important for our companies. It is also a breakthrough for the telecommunications market in Poland, but, first of all, it is beneficial for customers who will now have access to a mobile network granting wider range,  faster data transmission and also to the latest technologies – said Miroslav Rakowski the president of Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa.

UOKiK gave a green light for our cooperation.  We will all benefit from this decision. Operators will be able to plan their investments in infrastructure more efficiently, customers, will gain a wider range of services. In fact, the whole country will profit from it, as the companies will complement infrastructure for mobile communication rather than duplicate it -– said Maciej Witucki, the president of TP Group.

The operators expect that the negotiations as well as the works on the details of the contracts should be finalised by the end of the first half of this year. As a result, a joint-venture company will be established, with each of the operators holding 50 per cent of shares. Commercial launch of the project and the beginning of sharing each other’s network resources will be possible in 2012.

The cooperation between PTC and PTK Centertel will increase the profitability and efficiency of network investments of both companies, which will have a positive influence on the development of modern telecommunications infrastructure in Poland. As a result, the customers will be able to use better quality networks, supporting innovative services.

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