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The fastest mobile internet in Poland - Orange Polska

Orange has launched the HSPA+ DC technology, enabling mobile internet access up to 42Mb/s. This is the fastest mobile data transmission technology operational in Poland, available to clients in Kraków, Wrocław, Szczecin, Poznań and the katowickie region.

The HSPA+ DC (High Speed Packet Acces+ Dual Carrier) technology is based on simultaneous use of two HSPA channels of 5 MHz. In effect, it enables data transfer up to 42Mb/s in download and 5.7Mb/s in upload. Ultimately, the upload speed will be upgraded to 11 Mb/s.

At the time of the HSPA+ DC launch, its services are already available via 648 base stations in 24 cities across Poland, providing for 11% coverage of the Polish population. The coverage will be extended, to reach 60% of the population by the year’s end.

The fastest mobile data transmission in Poland is available to all mobile internet users: Orange Free, Business Everywhere and Orange Free na karte (prepaid offer), regardless of the service option. The technology is also available to all clients with an active Orange SIM card and the fees for HSPA+ DC do not differ from standard service. The HSPA+ DC is accessible to all clients in a test phase; ultimately, it will be replaced by a commercial service, with access to HSPA+ DC limited to internet offers.

The only condition for clients to participate in this high speed mobile internet offer is end-user equipment – modem, handset or laptop – able to transmit data with speed up to 42Mb/s. Modems enabling full utilization of the available speeds will be introduced to Orange commercial offer in February 2011, amongst them the Huawei E372 - available for 1 PLN with an Orange Free or Business Everywhere subscription. Orders can be placed through www.orange.pl starting from tomorrow (January 20).


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