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Telekomunikacja Polska changes to Orange - Orange Polska

Welcome to Orange! Starting today, Telekomunikacja Polska’s trade brand is Orange. The change brings a new, unique product category to our customers - Orange Open, an end-to-end suite of mobile and fixed line services. It offers a higher standard of customer care and gives TP customers access to programs such as Orange Wednesdays or the UEFA EURO 2012™ ticket lottery.

“The new brand shows our readiness to face new challenges. I have emphasized many times that our goal is to create a unique offering for all our customers under a single brand – Orange. We live in times of the digital revolution. Everything, that seemed impossible for so long, became a fact. Such changes require convergence, and I am proud that Orange achieved that as the first. Orange Open means fixed line and mobile telephony, ultra-fast fixed line Internet access, and countrywide mobile Internet, coupled with TV and entertainment available on all devices: the TV set, PC or Mac, tablet and the mobile,” said Maciej Witucki, president, Orange Polska.

Apart from access to the Orange Open converged offering, we will also soon offer each customer the ability to watch the same TV programming and movies on TV, on a computer, using a tablet, and a mobile. We also have special promotions, such as 1000 minutes for new customers in Orange, unlimited international calls with FunPack HD and access to offers that were available only to mobile customers, such as the UEFA EURO 2012™ ticket lottery, Orange Wednesdays and Orange Warsaw Festival.

Our customers will be able to take care of any business related to both mobile and fixed line services, regardless of whether they are customers of TP or PTK Centertel. We will also provide all our existing services under the Orange brand.

Our proposal also covers support for broadly taken e-learning, especially in smaller towns. We provide over 10,000 schools with Internet access on special conditions. We also take an active part in transforming public communal libraries into modern information centers, offering free Internet for over 3.5 thousand libraries. Now, we are launching a new project – 50 Orange Workrooms, i.e. modern, multimedia digital centers in small towns (up to 20 thousand inhabitants) that will be free to use. Orange Workrooms received the patronage of Magdalena Gaj, President of the UKE.

We are the leading service provider on the Polish market. We join the great, international Orange family, which has 226 million customers living on 5 continents. Orange is considered to be one of the most innovative and most recognizable brands in the world.In 2011 Orange was ranked the 36th brand in the Millward Brown BrandZ global ranking, and its value was estimated to be worth USD 17.6 bln. Orange is a trustworthy, friendly and modern brand.

Contact: Wojciech Jabczyński, Spokesperson, Orange Polska
Phone: 22 527 19 39
e-mail: biuro.prasowe@orange.com

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