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The General Meeting of Shareholders approved the merger of TPSA and PTK Centertel

On January 1, 2014, Telekomunikacja Polska and PTK Centertel will merge into one company named Orange Polska. The decision of the Management Board of Telekomunikacja Polska in this matter was approved today by the General Meeting of Shareholders – over 99% of the shareholders who attended the meeting voted for the merger. The merger will not result in any changes in customers’ agreements.

Under the Management Board’s proposal approved by the General Meeting, the merger will effected by transferring all assets of PTK Centertel onto TP. The new company will be managed by the existing management structure of the Orange Polska Group.

TP Management Board made the decision about the merger on September 9, 2013. It results from the new strategy for 2013–2016. Focusing the operations in one company will enable it to develop convergent offers consisting of landline and mobile services, unify the support of mobile and landline customers, simplify management and achieve cost savings by increasing operational effectiveness and process integration.

The merger does not result in any changes for the customers of TP and PTK Centertel. It will not be necessary for subscribers to conclude new agreements for currently used services. Also, the merger will not affect the conditions of providing these services.

With the view of recent experience, e.g. after TP rebranding to Orange, when some sales specialists of our competitors took advantage of that fact to try to cheat our customers, we inform that any abuse may be reported through the free hotline 800 500 005. Under this number, consultants will receive reports from customers and provide information about how to proceed in such cases.

Wojciech Jabczyński, Spokesman, Orange Polska
Phone.: 22 527 19 39
e-mail: biuro.prasowe@orange.com

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