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TPSA for the seventh time in the RESPECT index

Orange Polska (TP) has been included for the seventh time in a prestigious group of companies which follow the highest corporate social responsibility standards. The RESPECT Index, which aims to popularise a strategic approach to corporate social responsibility, is published annually by the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

The seventh edition of the index comprises 23 companies which have been implementing corporate social responsibility (CSR) principles. In order to be included in the index portfolio, it is sufficient for a company to carry out social campaigns or charitable activities; the Index participants need to demonstrate that they follow CSR principles both on the business strategy level and in everyday business practice.

Telekomunikacja Polska has been included in the index portfolio in recognition of its effective CSR management and a strategic approach to corporate social responsibility. Through a dialogue with its customers, the regulator, employees, non-governmental organisations and a number of other entities, the company can update its knowledge of the needs and expectations of its environment on a current basis and account for them in its business initiatives.

The RESPECT Index project was launched in November 2009. It is the first index of socially responsible companies in Central and Eastern Europe. The project is carried out by the Warsaw Stock Exchange in conjunction with external partners.

Wojciech Jabczyński, Spokesman, Orange Polska
Phone.: 22 527 19 39
e-mail: biuro.prasowe@orange.com

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