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Orange Polska announces strengthening of the executive committee and internal succession to the CFO position


On 19 March 2020 the CEO of Orange Polska, Jean-François Fallacher, took the following decisions regarding changes in the Executive Committee of the Company:


· Jacek Kunicki was appointed Executive Director in charge of Finance


· Maciej Nowohoński will evolve in his responsibilities as the Management Board Member. He will now be in charge of Carriers Market and Real Estate Sales (previously he was in charge of Finance and since 6 February 2020 also in charge of Carriers Market) 

These changes will become effective as of 31 March 2020.

The decision to appoint Jacek Kunicki as an Executive Director follows today’s meeting of the Supervisory Board of Orange Polska which due to COVID-19 epidemic threat was held entirely remotely. The agenda of the meeting included voting on nomination of Jacek Kunicki as Management Board member. However, according to Polish law this vote could not take place, given the physical absence of the Supervisory Board members.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Orange Polska, Maciej Witucki said: “Unfortunately circumstances forced today’s Supervisory Board meeting to be held remotely, which did not allow for a vote on the appointment of Jacek Kunicki to the Management Board. However, in the course of our discussion it was clear to me that the Supervisory Board intends to approve this nomination at the next in-person meeting. This nomination has my support also.”

Jean-François Fallacher said: “I would like to offer my congratulations to Maciej and Jacek. For the past six years, Maciej has successfully steered Orange Polska’s finances through the implementation of our strategy and return to growth. He was also responsible for a significant acceleration of disposals of real estate as part of a transformation of the company’s assets. Maciej will now fully take over our wholesale operations, including the exploration of new business opportunities (e.g. Fibreco project). He will also continue to be responsible for real estate disposals. Jacek’s nomination as Chief Financial Officer is a natural internal succession that recognises his competences. For the past six years, as Chief Controller Jacek has worked very closely with Maciej and other Board members, which ensures that the finance area will undergo a smooth transition. His previous experience in investor relations will be an additional asset in his new role. I am confident that our Management Board will be stronger as we design our new strategy.”

Jacek Kunicki (born 1979) has worked in Orange Polska since 2003 holding a number of managerial positions of growing responsibility within the finance area, in particular he was the Director of Investor Relations from 2010 to 2014 and Orange Polska Group Chief Controller from 2014. Jacek Kunicki is a supervisory board member of Networks! and Teltech entities (part of Orange Polska Group). Before joining Orange, Jacek worked in the finance team of a telecom Energis Polska. He graduated from the Higher School of Management in Warsaw and holds an MBA from the Oxford Brookes University.

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