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Orange Polska S.A.

Telekomunikacja Polska

Orange Polska S.A.,a joint stock company, was incorporated and commenced its operations on 4 December 1991. The Orange Polska Group comprises Orange Polska and its subsidiaries. Orange Polska shares are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The Group is the principal provider of telecommunications services in Poland. The Group provides mobile and fixed telecommunications services, including calls, messaging, content, access to the Internet and TV. In addition, the Group provides ICT (Information and Communications Technology) services, leased lines and other telecommunications value added services, sells telecommunications equipment, provides data transmission, constructs telecommunications infrastructure, sells electrical energy and financial services.

The Orange brand is highly appreciated by Polish consumers for the choice and quality of the services offered. Currently, mobile and fixed voice, mobile and fixed broadband, data transmission as well as multimedia services: mobile television, mobile portal and music content are provided under the Orange brand. For more information about our mobile operations and the Orange portfolio please visit www.orange.pl.

Orange Polska’s registered office is located in Warsaw at 160 Aleje Jerozolimskie St.

TP Teltech

The company specialises in providing ICT infrastructure solutions and related services, including monitoring and safety systems as well as maintenance of telecommunication networks. In addition, it offers integrated telecommunication and ICT solutions. In 2008, TP TELTECH merged with PPPW ‘Telefon 2000’. For detailed information about the company please visit www.tpteltech.pl

Orange Retail

Orange Retail SA (formerly Ramsat S.A.) is the authorised dealer of Orange services, products and also mobile phones' accessories. orangeretail.pl

Telefony Podlaskie

The company offers telecommunication services in the Podlaskie District. It is a television and broadband provider. More at http://www.telefonypodlaskiesa.pl

Orange Szkolenia

The company organises corporate training and entertainment events under the Exploris brand.

Orange Foundation

The Orange Foundation, established in 2005 by TP and PTK Centertel (Orange) under the name TP Group Foundation, is actively involved in the social life, implementing its own original programmes or supporting valuable initiatives of other non-governmental organisations for the education of children and the youth, health care, propagation of culture as well as preservation and protection of the national heritage. TP Group’s volunteer workers are involved in all the Foundation's activities. The major projects of the Orange Foundation include: ‘Sounds of Dreams’, ‘Education with the TP Internet’, ‘School without Violence’ and ‘Phone to Mum’. For more information about the Foundation please visit www.fundacja.orange.pl

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